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Basic Handgun Safety Course

If you own or plan to own a handgun, it is essential that you have at least basic handgun safety training.  In our Basic Handgun Safety course, you'll learn how to safely handle and operate a handgun.  You'll gain the confidence knowing that YOU know how to control and handle a handgun properly, safely and responsibly.  The confidence you gain will help you overcome any fears you may have of guns.

This course consists of approximately two hours of classroom instruction, plus range time.  Course instruction includes Gun Owner's Responsibilities, Basic Handgun Safety, Handgun Parts, Handgun Operation, Handgun Care and Maintenance, Ammunition Safety, Ammunition Types, Ammunition Components, Ammunition Firing Sequence, Ammunition Malfunctions, Handgun and Ammunition Storage, Basic Shooting Fundamentals, and Range Rules and Safety. Course includes live fire training.

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