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Utah CCW Class
Basic Handgun Safety Course

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Basic Pistol Shooting Class - Lake View Terrace, CA - Saturday, February 22, 2020 9:00am-2:00pm

$140.00 for Class PLUS:

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Defensive Pistol Shooting Skills Course

Class Registration:
The October 6 Basic Pistol Shooting (Pistol I) class is full, and registration is closed.  Contact Us if you would like to get on the waiting list in case of any cancellations.  Our next Basic Pistol Shooting class after October 6 will be in early 2020.  Thank you.

Concealed Carry Shooting Skills Course

Class Registration:
The February 22 class is full and registration is closed.  Contact Us if you would like to be put on the waiting list.  Otherwise, the next Basic Pistol Shooting class will be on May 31.  Thank you.


Firearm Safety, Information, Education and Training   •   Personal Safety & Crime Prevention

SIRT Training Pistols
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$115.00 for Class Only.

​​​​Course Name: Basic Pistol Shooting Class
​Course Description: Basic Firearm Safety, Pistol Shooting Fundamentals, Basic Pistol Shooting Skills
Course Fee: $115.00
 Saturday, February 22, 2020 (CLASS FULL, next class May 31)
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Angeles Shooting Ranges, 12651 N Little Tujunga Canyon Rd, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

This is the first in a series of three pistol shooting skills courses.

If any of the following apply to you, this course is for you:

  • You're a complete newbie to firearms, and you want to acquire knowledge about firearms and gun safety.
  • You would like to gain the confidence knowing that you know how to safely and responsibly handle, store and use a pistol.
  • Firearms make you nervous or scared, and you want to overcome those emotions with knowledge.
  • You just purchased or want to purchase your first handgun, and you want to make sure that you know what you're doing with it.
  • You have some experience with firearms, but never took any formal training, and would now like to get that training in order to improve your shooting skills and accuracy.
  • You want to have the tools and training to protect yourself, and this is a stepping stone to one of our more advanced courses or other more advanced training.

Our Pistol Shooting I classes are kept small, so that each student gets adequate personal attention.  This also keeps things safe.  This is a 5 hour entry-level course, and includes comprehensive education, plenty of hands-on instruction, exercises and coaching.  No prior firearms experience is necessary.  However as stated above, if you do have some shooting experience, but have never actually taken any formal training, you might find that proper coaching of the basic shooting fundamentals taught in this class will help with your accuracy and speed.

This course meets the training requirement for Arizona, Florida and Virginia non-resident concealed carry permits, the Oregon resident concealed carry permit, and possibly some other CCW permits currently and in the future.

Completion of this course (or similar training or experience) is a recommended prerequisite to our Pistol Shooting II Course.

This Course Covers The Following Topics and Skills:

  • Basic Firearm Safety
  • Gun Storage
  • Gun Transportation
  • Parts of the Pistol
  • Parts of Ammunition
  • Firing Process
  • Pistol Operation
  • Malfunctions
  • ​Basic Pistol Shooting Fundamentals: Aiming, Grip, Stance, Breath Control, Trigger Control, Follow-Through
  • Range Safety and Etiquette
  • Range Commands
  • How to Select a Pistol
  • Pistol Maintenance
  • How to Practice at Home and at the Range


  • None


  • Minors must be at least 16 years of age and have a parent or legal guardian present who is also enrolled in the class or has previously taken the class.
  • Participants under the age of 21 but at least 18 years of age must be accompanied by another person 21 years of age or older who is also enrolled in the class or has previously taken the class.
  • Adult participants, and parent/guardian of minors, must bring a government issued photo ID.
  • All participants, and parent/guardian of minors, must sign a liability release form.
  • ​Women who are pregnant, or think they may be pregnant, may not participate in this activity.  This is for the baby's health and safety.
  • ​​Participants must not be legally prohibited from possessing firearms.  Refer to the "California Firearm Laws Summary" document on the CA DOJ Bureau of Firearms web page for specifics on "Persons Ineligible to Possess Firearms".

Course Fee: $115.00

Course Fee Includes:

  • Range fees, gun rental, ammunition, targets
  • Certificate of Course Completion, which will meet the training requirement for some CCW permits.

NRA Certified Course Option:
The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course consists of the exact same instruction given in this "non-affiliated" Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  The only difference is that for the NRA course, there are a few additional tasks that the student must complete: NRA range qualification, NRA Performance Requirements Checklist, and NRA written test.  These additional tasks will add approximately 1 hour to the duration of the course.  Course fee for the NRA course is $135.00, and includes the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting book and an NRA Certificate of Completion.  Contact Us to inquire about signing up for the NRA Certified Course.

Optional USCCA Book:
Students attending this course will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals book at a significant discount off the $27.95 retail price.  This 245-page book is packed with great information and high quality illustrations.  It will reinforce and remind you what you learned in this course, plus provide much more information not covered in this course, to educate you and better prepare you for more advanced training.

Optional CA Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC): $25.00
Pursuant to Penal Code section 26840, any person who acquires a firearm in California must have a CA Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC), unless they are statutorily exempt from the FSC requirement.  To obtain an FSC, a person must pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) written test on firearm safety.  If you need to get or renew your FSC, you can take your test and get your FSC after the class for $25.00.  The DOJ FSC Study Guide can be found here.  This is a separate additional service, requiring additional time at the end of class.

Class Registration:
Your space in the class is reserved by your payment of the course fee.  Please click one of the "Pay Now" buttons below to make your payment.  You may cancel 14 days prior to the class or earlier for a full refund.  Payments are non-refundable after 14 days prior to the class.  To cancel, email or call 818-434-4828.  Class may be cancelled by the instructor 1-2 weeks prior to the class due to lack of registration or payments, in which case any payments will be refunded in full.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions.  Thank you.

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