Disc 4: Build Your Skills

Preparing For Action

  • How to recognize, assess, and react to potential threats.
  • What it means to "move off the X" and the important difference between cover and concealment
  • Life-saving drills for shooting on the move, from cover, and within close quarters
  • How to master the double tap, how to rapid fire, and how to complete quick and efficient tactical reloads

Disc 5: Dangers We Face

Understanding The Criminal Mind

  • Examine the disturbing mindset of a violent criminal.
  • How to develop your mental preparedness for encountering a dangerous threat
  • Life-saving benefits of situational awareness and conflict avoidance
  • How to reinforce and fortify your home and the best ways to implement family battle drills
  • The startling physiological and psychological effects of violent encounters

Disc 7: After The Shot

Legal Issues Of Self-Defense

  • How you can prepare yourself for the legal battle that will follow a self-defense shooting.
  • Eye-opening revelations about what happens after you pull the trigger
  • How to develop a plan and support system now, before you need it, and how it can keep you out of jail and bankruptcy
  • Your legal journey and how to navigate what potentially lies ahead
Armed & Ready Companion Guide
Gear Up

Armed & Ready Range Guide

10 Shooting Drills that are guaranteed to improve your accuracy and confidence, along with comprehensive instruction and records of progress.

  • Wall Drill
  • Five and Five Drill
  • One Hole Drill
  • Look/Shoot Drill
  • Speed Reload Drill
  • The Triangle Drill
  • Two Shots/Move Forward
  • Two Shots/Move Backward
  • Table Draw Drill
  • Draw From Holster
Your Continuing Journey

Disc 2: Gear Up

Guns, Ammo, & Accessories For The Responsibly Armed American

  • Tools of the trade and the importance of choosing the ones right for you.
  • Handguns: The great debate of semi-autos vs. revolvers, and the fit and function of each
  • Holsters: Discussing the different styles and carry options and finding the concealment method that works best for you
  • Ammunition: Studying the various types of ammo, their stopping power, and how to manage recoil
Build Your Skills
Dangers We Face
Armed And Ready
Deadly Force Decisions

Disc 6: Deadly Force Decisions

Knowing When You Can And Can't Use Force

  • What you can expect to happen immediately after you use your firearm to defend yourself or your loved ones.
  • The true meaning of the Reasonable Person Standard
  • Rules governing the Use of Deadly Force inside and outside the home
  • The difference between the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws
  • How to respond and what to say and what NOT to say when the police arrive after you use your gun in self-defense

Firearm Safety, Information, Education and Training   •   Personal Safety & Crime Prevention

Disc 1: The Big Picture

Making The Choice To Protect & Defend

  • The need for law abiding citizens to become their own first line of defense.
  • Challenges law enforcement professionals face (number of officers vs. skyrocketing rate of violent crime)
  • The alarming reality of police response times (when seconds count the police are minutes away)
  • Surveillance video, media footage, and FBI crime statistics too disturbing to ignore
Armed & Ready Range Guide
SIRT Training Pistols
Concealment Express Holsters
Vedder Holsters
Join NRA
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Disc 8: Your Continuing Journey

Self-Defense Doesn't Stop Here

  • Tying it all together.
  • The importance of continuously maintaining your skill set
  • The perpetual evolution of equipment, strategies, tactics, and techniques, and why it's so important to stay in the know
  • Best ways to keep up with the ever-changing firearm laws and regulations

​Armed And Ready

8-DVD Box Set, Companion Guide and Range Guide

Your Comprehensive Blueprint To Concealed Carry Confidence

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After The Shot
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Get On Target

Armed & Ready Companion Guide

Your comprehensive handbook to concealed carry confidence. Over 150 pages, your guide further dives into the mental preparation of living the armed lifestyle and covers such topics as:

  • Making The Choice To Protect And Defend.
  • Things To Consider When Choosing Your Concealed Carry Gun.
  • How To Be A Great Shooter.
  • Training Drills That Are Fun And Easy To Learn.
  • An Understanding Of The Criminal Mind.
  • When You Can And Can't Use Force.
  • Knowing Your State's Laws That Affect You As A Gun Owner.
  • Legal, Psychological, And Social Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting.

Disc 3: Get On Target

Mastering Basic Marksmanship

  • How to build proper marksmanship skills from scratch.
  • Muzzle management and trigger-finger discipline
  • How to build a solid foundation through proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and sight picture
  • Be able to identify, clear, and correct common malfunctions
  • Dry fire and live fire drills that will be easy for you to practice safely in your home or at the range
The Big Picture

USCCA Armed And Ready 8 DVD Set