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Concealed Carry Bundle

Law Of Self-Defense Protection Package

Arm yourself with the nation's only resource covering concealed carry laws in all 50 states.

Claim Your Law Of Self-Defense Protection Package, Your Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Legal Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting.

Make The Right Decisions When Lives Are On The Line

What You'll Learn With The Law Of Self-Defense Protection Package:

3: Concealed Carry Bundle

Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals BOOK

  • Understand the deciding factors that give you justification to use deadly force.
  • Master the definitions of common nomenclature, including the different firearm actions and ammunitions types.
  • Get a solid grasp on what to expect from your body when under extreme stress, things like tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, and loss of dexterity.

Top Ten Concealed Carry Mistakes & How To Avoid Them DVD

  • Learn the most common mistakes made by gun owners and how to avoid their devastating consequences.
  • Demystify the complex issues such as selecting the right holster and ammunition.
  • Create a training plan that goes beyond simple proficiency at the range.
The Law Of Self Defense
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The Law Of Self Defense
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1: The Law Of Self-Defense   By Andrew F. Branca, Attorney At Law

  • Corrects the myths about self-defense laws that could land you in hot water, or worse, behind bars.
  • Teaches you how to make fast, effective decisions and confidently handle life or death situations, both tactically and legally.
  • Discover the truth about the law, and how it's actually applied in real courtrooms, with real people.
  • Shows you the hard-to-see "cliff edge" where people inadvertently lost the right to claim self-defense.
  • Thoroughly covers self-defense laws affecting all 50 states.


  • A FREE Responsibly Armed American card with the 4 Universal Safety Rules and steps to follow if you're ever involved in a self-defense incident.

2: Continuing Education DVDs

Situational Awareness DVD

  • Discover how to identify and avoid potential threats.
  • Remove the guesswork of finding the perfect handgun, holster, and ammunition combination that's right for you.
  • Establish a solid foundation of reasonable preparedness to ensure you're physically, mentally, and financially prepared to defend yourself.

When To Use Deadly Force DVD

  • Understand the physiological changes you can expect from your body during a deadly force incident.
  • Answer the one question that separates law-abiding citizens from criminals: what gives you the right to use deadly force?
  • When you're your family's first line of defense, what you can do to stop an attacker when the police are minutes away.

USCCA Law Of Self-Defense

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