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"Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight"  -- Psalm 144:1

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace"  -- Luke 11:21

"he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."  -- Luke 22:36

About Armand:

Instructor Armand is the founder and chief instructor of Shield Personal Safety Training. He's a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor, Utah Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Refuse To Be A Victim® Certified Instructor, CA DOJ FSC Certified Instructor, CA DOJ Certified Fingerprint Roller, hunter, and CCW permit holder.

Here are quotes from emails and posted reviews of past clients:

"My family & I took the Basic Pistol class with Arman[d] he was awesome took his time answered our questions he didn’t rush at all he asked how we were doing throughout the class. It was a good experience... We will be taking more classes with him."  - J.B., Google review, 10/25/20

"it was a great experience!!...Armand is very knowledgeable and good at painting a picture in your mind, making it easier to remember and apply the information excellent, non-stressful learning environment. I look forward to taking more course with them."  - L.M., Yelp review, 10/5/20

"I enjoyed this class and plan to sign up for future classes!!!"  - A.G., USCCA review, 9/30/20

"Armand was an excellent instructor and my wife and I fully enjoyed our experience."  - USCCA review, 9/27/20

"Armand is a great instructor. The 6 hours course was well paced and full of useful information. He definitely has quite a bit of teaching experience and it shows. I will definitely sign up for the next class once it is announced. If you are new to using handguns or just want to refresh your knowledge I highly recommend Armand's classes."  - M.R., Google review, 9/14/20

"We are considering a handgun for personal/home protection and I wanted to get both of us comfortable with firearms before purchasing. Armand was very professional and made us both extremely comfortable with pistol safety, clearing, cleaning, handling & operation...I strongly recommend Shield Personal Safety Training and am hoping to take more courses from Armand soon!"  - J.S., Yelp review, 9/13/20

"Great class!  Armand is very thorough and you can tell he puts a lot of effort into the class structure and material.  The course was insightful, and covered everything I was hoping it would.  Highly recommend for beginners with little to no experience."  - S.O., Yelp review, 9/13/20

"Excellent class and thorough instructor!!!"  - L.B., USCCA review, 9/11/20

"Excellent class. The instructor was very thorough with the information and hands on training. Also very safe practice during this pandemic. I would highly recommend this class."  - A.A., USCCA review, 9/11/20

"Knowledgeable, personable, proficient, and engaging.  That's how the training went and that's who Armand is.  Glad I took the class...time well spent and quite informative.  If you want someone who is genuine and well rehearsed in firearm safety and training, Armand is the Guy.  Highly recommended..."  - D.H., Yelp review, 7/29/20

"Took the class 7-26-20, it was a great decision!! I thoroughly enjoyed Armand he was a great teacher that kept us informed and explain every little detail of what we needed to do. I highly recommend this course to anybody that wants to get their CCW you will not be disappointed!!!" - K.S., Yelp review, 7/27/20

"Utah ccw course with the instructor Armand was very helpful and also his wife was a great help to the class. Highly recommend to take his class."  - I.A., Yelp review, 7/27/20

"an excellent and enthusiastic teacher. It was a really good class. He had some clear and consise insights about some fundamental things, i.e. proper grip and trigger finger position, that will last a lifetime."  - J.D., Google review, 7/26/20

"very safe and professional"  - E.S., USCCA review, 7/7/20

"Very thorough training. Armand is an excellent instructor. Highly recommended!"  - C.B., USCCA review, 7/5/20

"a true professional. Attending his Pistol Shooting I Course has given me a foundation of skills to hone and drill in my home dryfire practice. Having never fired a handgun prior to this course, I feel confident that I have acquired valuable insight into the basic skills needed to have a fighting chance in defending my family. I'm looking forward to furthering my gun fighting knowledge in his Pistol Shooting II Course."  - J.S., USCCA review, 6/3/20

"I can echo many of the positive reviews posted and would just add that I've taken 2 classes with Armand and I would recommend them for anyone who wants firearms training without the uber-tactical vibe. Also, the classes move at a nice place and I was never bored."  - M.V., Yelp review, 6/1/20

"Appreciate all your guidance and fantastic advice, really glad I got to work with you."  - A., 6/1/20

"After looking into different basic training pistol classes, Armand's class had every thing I was looking for. The five hours of learning flew by...Armand engages everyone and really knows how to personalize a class-like experience. You'll be presented with everything from safety, gun mechanics, laws, techniques all laced in with extremely helpful personal and professional experiences. I cannot recommend his course highly enough, it's a fantastic experience and will leave you wanting to pursue his more advanced classes."  - S.L., Yelp review, 2/22/20

"What a great class and instructors. Armand and his wife are probably the most humble people in the business. His class was extremely helpful and informative. If you want great education with great people, look no further than Shield. Great work!"  - P.A., Yelp review, 11/3/19

"Clear, concise, and educational. Well structured class makes learning fun too. In my opinion, every adult should take this [Basic Pistol Shooting] class."  - A.S., Yelp review, 10/28/19

"Excellent class...Armand has a way teaching the [Utah CCW] class that does not feel boring...Most instructors tend to be authoritative & militaristic like. Not Armand. He was polite & courteous. It was a pleasure attending his class."  - T.C., Google review, 10/27/19

"I enjoyed Armand’s [Basic Pistol Shooting] class. Highly recommended."  - R.O., Google review, 10/7/19

​"Great training classes!  Really recommend Armand and his staff.  They're professional, knowledgeable and I felt that I actually learned something.  Very friendly people."  - H.J., Yelp review, 9/22/19

​"Armand is a very knowledgeable instructor...I was able to ask questions whenever it was needed with ease and received great responses from him...I definitely left this class with tons of info that I didn't have...and most importantly educates in a way where it isn't boring but fun..thanks Armand..!!"  - M.O., Google review, 8/11/19

"Great Instructor!!"  - S.J., Google review, 6/2/19

"This [Basic Pistol Shooting] class is a must for any new gun owner, and this particular class with instructor Armand is excellent...a mix of classroom information and live shooting was very thorough and informative...He also adds great tips and advice that is so well worded it really sticks with you...Class sizes are small so it makes it easy to absorb all the information and have some nice Q & A's without getting way off topic...I recommend this course and instructor highly."  - T.T., Google review, 5/31/19

"...super friendly and helpful...came into class prepared. The class moved along at a steady pace, not overly serious and dry, in fact, it was a very fun and informative course. Highly recommend Armand's course to anyone who's interested in a multi-state CCW permit or general firearm training. I am going back to take the Pistol II and Pistol III course later this year."  - H.S., Google review, 5/23/19

"Armand, held a very professional "Basic Pistol Shooting" course...Armand explained each aspect in a straightforward easy to understand manner...The class is setup to make students gain confidence through hands on training and repetition which translated to safer gun handling and better accuracy...I left the class with a much better understanding of pistols (both semi auto and revolver) and how to safely handle them. I would highly recommend Armand to anyone who wanted to learn how to safely/properly use a firearm."  - B.K., Yelp review, 5/8/19

"It was a pleasure taking this class. He has a very informative and safe presentation. I really enjoyed it. I liked the ammunition education, malfunction education and range etiquette sections. He truly enjoys teaching."  - M.B., Google review, 5/7/19

"Just completed [Pistol] Level 1 with Armand. Highly recommended and well worth the time and money. Professional program that is very detailed. Especially liked the time Armand took to explain and hands on train proper way to grip the gun, line up sights, breathing, loading and unloading. Improved my accuracy right away. You will be happy you attended."  - S.W., Google review, 5/7/19

"I enjoyed training with was very thorough and informative."  - T. 5/6/19

"I have had the pleasure of taking all three [pistol shooting] courses (I, II, III) that Armand from Shield Personal Safety Training had to offer. I find he is surely knowledgeable and has great patience to work beginners to advance shooters. He really does take the time to go through everything to make sure you are safe and fully understand what is expected of you at each drill. I would suggest these courses from the beginner to experienced shooter."  - J.K., Google review, 4/2/19

"you are the best. Your expert patience was inspiring."  - B. 4/2/19

"You did a great job with the material. I thought 4 hours was going to be long, but you made the time go quickly. I also learned a lot yesterday. I will keep an eye out for your upcoming courses as I do want to take more."  - M. 2/24/19

"I highly recommend Armand not only because of his expert skill but because of his patience and non-confrontational learning methods. Armand will spend the time necessary with you and adapt as necessary to make sure you get the most out of your training."  - B.B., Yelp review, 12/10/18

"I've had two classes with Armand. He is a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor and I would highly recommend his classes if you are thinking about owning a personal firearm."  - A.C., Google review, 8/27/18

"Armand was very knowledgeable, well organized, and explained the various topics in detail. I will definitely recommend and take his other courses."  - A.B., Google review, 8/19/18

"Armand was very knowledgeable and explained the class so all could understand.  From the advanced shooter to the beginner.  I highly recommend this class"  - M.B., Google review, 8/12/18

"top-notch instructor, very thorough and professional...started out as total novices, but after this course we’re both competent handling different types of firearms, and under Armand’s expert guidance we developed an excellent shot, too!"  - A.C., Google review, 7/4/18

"I enjoyed your course tremendously...You are a very good communicator."  - J. 5/21/18

"Everyone got individual attention and answers. Armand is the Best Trainer I've ever met, very friendly person! He is so knowledgeable in different fields such as home defense, field shooting and law questions. Everything was explained in easy way based on real samples. Everybody had fun."  - A.O., Yelp review, 4/17/18

"Very professional instructor and a nice guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the CCW class."  - M.B., Google review, 2/25/18

"Really enjoyed your class. You did a great job presenting the material."  - M. 2/25/18

"the class was thorough, informative, and relaxed. I definitely feel much more confident regarding the safety and use firearms and I will definitely recommend the class to my friends."  - R. 1/29/18

"thank you for your time and a really good class. I think you did a great job going over as much detail for people that really are new to guns and the basics."  - J. 1/29/18

"Armand is great! The class was informative and fun...would highly recommend it!"  - M.K., Yelp review, 1/23/18

"The class was amazing it's a welcoming and friendly environment...Armand is an amazing instructor he is friendly, patient and answers all questions that anybody might want to ask..."  - C.S., Yelp review, 1/21/18

"I had a positive experience and I really enjoyed taking the course with you. I felt that you handled the class really well"  - J. 1/21/18

"Thanks for a great class. You were well organized, clear and concise."  - P. 1/21/18

"Very informative and Armand makes it fun. You will become far more prepared to use your gun in an actual life threatening situation God forbid should you ever need it."  - C.G., Yelp review, 7/25/17

"Well prepared and great presentation."  - J. 7/9/17

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What People Are Saying about Shield Personal Safety Training - Customer Reviews

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